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Nepeta giggles, a small olive blush on her face as she rocked on her heels. equius had just left to find others. she looked around with a small hum, today she would finally tell karkitty just how she feels. no more hiding like a scardy cat. she was a lioness and it was about time she lived up to it. she frowns after a moment getting tired. she could hear voices echoing through the vents. she tilted her head to the side curious before deciding to climb inside and see what is up. after a bit and the voices getting louder she finally comes to a grate. she peeks through, olive eyes widening as she sees her meowrail get attacked by the one and only gamzee makara. She couldnt believe it either. he was always so chill and nice. tears gather and fall down her face as she watches equihiss fall to his knees dying at his hands. she lundges out of the vent hissing blinded by furry. she lands a blow with her claws scratching her face only thanks to him grabbing her wrist. she yelps hearing a sick crack as he tightens his grip. "how dare you! how dare you touch his glasses he's not even cold! i'll kill you! thats my meo-my moirail!" she tries to put up a fight against the higher blood but its all in vain. her body lays there limply as he clobbers her with his clubs. after a bit something peaks his interest and he leaves leaving her to bleed out to death. her eyes glance over to her moirail before catching sight of something moving toward her quickly. she braces herself thinking that it is going to be gamzee coming to kill her off but is greeted with a gentle touch. did something fall on her cheek, its wet? wait that voice...karkitty? "SHIT NEPETA PLEASE HOLD ON EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT?" she blinks and opens her mouth her hand painfully reaching to cup his cheek. "k-karkitty...dont cry, i got to see your face one last know i always dreamed of being with you..." he blinks confused before it hits him. he shakes his head resting his hand over hers. "i wanted to spend the rest of my life fur you, with you...i-im red fur you..." he shakes his head. "NEPETA PLEASE, DONT TALK LIKE THAT. YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT THROUGH THIS...WE WILL BE TOGETHER. DONT LEAVE ME LIKE THIS. PLEASE I SERIOUSLY NEED YOU. DONT GO!" she smiles sadly as she struggles to take her last breaths. "maybe in another life karkat...maybe in the bubbles i can be with you...i will wait for you for forever...r-right moirail is waiting for me. red...always..." her hand drops as the life leaves her body. karkat at first stares, shocked at how she had dropped her puns. once it sinks in though, he lets out a broken wail and holds her body close. this couldnt be happening this just cant be real! he gently sets her body down as he hears a honk behind him. he stands up pulling out his sickles. there before him was gamzee sporting equius's glasses and nepeta's precious hat. he growls and lundges but he wasnt quick enough. with a deafening crack he is sent back rolling till he bumps into nepeta's body. "hey karbro. welcome to the dark FUCKIN CARNIVAL!" and with that karkat cries out as his ex-moirail beats him over and over. weakly he reaches a hand out taking nepetas. at least she wont have to wait for too long.

So yeah here you guys go. i will probably come back later and re edit this, i had written it in skype so yeah and plus i was rushed but here you guys go. 


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Its been a while since i have updated this. I am an 19 year old female from Texas. I love a lot of things including Homestuck, Hetalia, Black Butler,Big-O, MLP, FMA, Bleach and so much more but those are what i can think of at 2 in the morning. I love to cosplay and I have a hobby of drawing and singing, i also practice in voice acting. I have picked up on sewing which is pretty cool. I hope that you all can have a wonderful time and thank you :)

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